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[ well, the battle orders regarding their next large scale engagement are out, but maybe you can't help but think that command's been working robin a little too hard and now the lack of sleep is showing in these charts and maps. no plan survives contact with the enemy, but really, do these even count as plans? they're certainly quite different from usual...

have a bone to pick about your assigned partner? moping over being separated from your significant other? hoping that you're holding your new weapon the right side up? questioning why you're stuck on deliverer duty when it's totally more heroic to be swooping about the battlefield and sniping kills? wondering if all the pressure's finally gotten to your tactician? why're you leaving teach out on the sidelines, man???

trust him, there's a method to his madness. really truly. ]
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( The signs were there. Everyone should have seen it coming. But no one really expected Robin to get sick. It isn't anything serious-- just a nasty bout of cold-- but someone is going to be grounded to their tent to recover. Doctor's orders! For the next couple of days, the Shepherds are without a tactician and general manager. It shouldn't be too bad, right? After all, the Shepherds were able to function just fine for awhile without Robin, right?

... Of course, the Shepherds were only like, seven people back then. And it's been awhile since they've been left on their own.

Who has kitchen duty? Who has watch duty? How much money do we have to go shopping? What exactly do we need to buy? Oh, gods, who authorized buying a Plegian viper? Gaius, you can't make cupcakes for dinner. Help.
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A. Setting Up
…And the traveling army landed, gazed upon their surroundings, and set down their flag for camp. The horses are unmounted, the tents are set up, and scouts are being sent out to survey the surroundings for materials and any signs of people. They've done this a hundred times already and by now, it's routine. But do you really have to set up the tarp? It doesn't even look like it's going to rain. But what if it does?
B. Camp Fire
Camp is set, the sun is down, the food is made, and everyone is together to relax a little. Well, except for the two or three on guard duty right now but they'll have their time. It's time to tell stories and complain about who cooked today.
C. Down time
After scouting, hunting, or keeping watch for the last few hours, it's time to get off! Maybe you can go into town and spend some of the gold you've been saving up. Or maybe it's time to to do some private training. Or what if you actually don't have anything to do except harass the person on guard duty today?
D. Side job
Being a soldier doesn't pay very well, especially in times of war when the funds are already tight. You have to get gold some other way if you want to be able to support yourself comfortably. Maybe you're crafty and able to sell some trinkets in town. Or maybe you have enough time to take one small mercenary job while you're in town. Or maybe you're just a humble person of few material goods and you're doing charity work for free.
Pick your own.

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0 × Recruitment. I want you(!) to join our army! Remember to always give in to whatever ridiculous demands they want. Alternatively, they've just joined the army and you're trying to make a good first impression.

1 × Shopping. It's your duty to make sure the army stays supplied some how so make sure you pick the best weapons and sell what you need to get the funds. Wait, no! You can't sell that! It has sentimental value!

2 × Watch duty. Morning, day, evening, and night; someone has to keep a look out around camp! You wouldn't want any brigands or monsters to sneak into camp and cause trouble.

3 × Training. Wake up, wake up, rise and shine, daisies. Lesson one: A soldier must have discipline and what better way to prove that than by waking up before sunrise for some intense exercise?

4 × Healing tent. You used to be a great soldier until you took an arrow to the knee. Injuries are bound to happen on the battle field so you might as well get used to finding the healing tent now.

5 × Benched. You haven't been benched! You're just… holding down the fort while everyone else goes off to fight.

6 × Romance. Is now really the time for a confession? Did you even realize you were in love? Chat it up and get those A/S supports going.

7 × Restoration. The war is over and as much as you want to relax, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done.

8. × Desert level. The sun is blazing, the sand is hot, it's hard to get around, and did you just trip on some buried treasure or run into a mirage village's wall?

RNG. Shenanigans.

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[Steals first post.

Probably steals other stuff too (sweets, money, secrets, more sweets) but steals first post. It is mine. Deal with it.]